You want to appeal to Jews located around the world (perhaps) and perhaps even others to join in on this cause. So, the question is:

How do you attract them?

Okay. I get it, I do, and that all sounds very sexy, and useful, really.

I am rather frustrating at times, am I not? You have to forgive me for being thoughtful and not knowing all the answers. Like some.

But, like many, I tend to see everything, these days, from the larger perspective of science, being a globalist and secular, and tuned to nature more than to people and nations and groups, things that I find rather distracting, frankly. And, watching carefully, those person-centered things are rapidly dissolving, mostly by their own hand right now. Sometimes for good reason.

In addition, the planet itself is suffering, mightily, as is every other lifeform upon it, which might be something of a priority since we are dependent upon the planet and its lifeforms.

If there were some way what you were discussing could work towards resolving THOSE issues—which I see, naturally (no pun) as the priority—then they would make more sense to me and, here I’m just presuming, to many others—Jewish, non-Jewish—who could get behind this. Whether or not that could necessarily get such people to convert is subject to debate but getting them involved is a first step.

However today’s priority, for those who wish to “be involved” is, I think, in the realm of these larger, global, environmental issues. Not religious, not political, not even “save the Palestinians,” as noble as that cause may be.

In marketing terms—and remember, not necessarily my field—you “catch” first and “convince” second.

Look for example at what appears on Medium, which is a good example, I think, of what interests the type of people you might want to draw. How much discussion of “environmental issues” versus “Judaism” or “Israel/Palestine”? I don’t believe, if you could measure it, there would even be a contest.

Of course, measure either against “bitcoin” or “relationships” and you are slaughtered instantaneously. But that’s another matter. Such people cannot even spell. Sometimes, neither can I.

So, perhaps easily you might get your increase from .2 to 1% in terms of population, but not Judaism itself. Again, a good start. Now, on to the mechanism. But with caution. Because people do not like being sold a bill of goods.

There has to be a way of understanding that the environmental and political/demographic/religious are sympathetic if not totally organic. Up front.

And that way may be through a technological means. I.e., bringing solar/wind/hydrogen to the Middle East through Israel? For free... Would mean bringing a LOT of people into Israel, whether they were Jewish or not, but all preconditioned to working for the good of humankind for a long time.

It may also mean overthrowing the current government leadership. I wouldn’t mind. But, again, that’s another story for another day...

Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of the straightforward & strange. “Women zai shuo ba.” Be useful; share what you can; help others always. Doctor of texts.

Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of the straightforward & strange. “Women zai shuo ba.” Be useful; share what you can; help others always. Doctor of texts.