You tagged this “Summer.” You’re lucky. And tiny meth lab. Also lucky.

Is that a thing with the New England Journal, only both initials? You’re sure it wouldn’t be Bev. P, or B. Potter?

BTW, on another itchy topic altogether...

Am I stupid (don’t answer yet...or at all)?

I read that article by Ben Ho about curation and HTML in part because I was curious but mostly because you clapped (another topic for another day...) and, when I couldn’t figure out how to do the thingee, I asked him why I couldn’t find the thingee, particularly what he meant by “do a search.” And, basically, he didn’t answer. So, when you clapped, was it because you thought the article was nice or did you actually do the thingee and find the thingee because I’m really curious now. How do you do the thingee and find the thingee? I got to the HTML page, no prob, but I’ll be a dog’s girlfriend if I can figure out how to do a search. To find the thingee.

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