You May Say I’m a Dreamer

Every day — well, just about every day; and for the past two years, when the chores weren’t overwhelming — I read as much as I can on this platform. That’s what this is, you know, a platform. I think. That’s what they started to call this when the phrase, “web page” became boring.

Focusing on the people who get read the least, apparently, then on to those who are new, apparently (I mean, how can you know these things at times? according to Medium I’ve only been here, like, a few days or something…) jumping from one story, poem or article to another. Then on to people I know, publications I read or those where I am published (golly, I do like THOSE people).

And, of course, I hit that little ball up top every morning with my cup of French press first thing. That icon usually delivers between 30–40 “responses” on average each day, and I respond back to each and every one. Each and every one. Sometimes I even respond back to people who have only clapped. Thanks, folks.

The other day, it dawned on me. (Okay, I am slow at my age…) Unpopular as I am, so many people here must be getting HUNDREDS of those things every morning!!! Maybe THOUSANDS!!!

Therefore, when I’m one of those THOUSANDS on other writer’s feeds… No wonder I never hear from them!

I thought they were ignoring me… They were, but it’s nothing personal. They just don’t have the time. They’re probably ignoring almost everyone.

I read a lot off the platform, as well. After all, you need to read something, somewhere else if you’re ever going to have decent input to write about.

So, reading, chores including family (oh, those people…) your own writing. Life’s tough. Takes time away from this place. And the world? Cheese and crackers, like that won’t stop. Good thing the World Series will be over soon, or I wouldn’t even have time to eat…much. And the cat. Boeuyyyy.

It’s also a good thing I don’t have to worry about having a positive attitude, because I never did. Have one. Never had a negative one, either.

You see a lot of writing here about having a positive attitude because so many people don’t, and they do want one. Shame. I can understand that. Like I said, life is tough, and if you keep thinking about it that way, you only see the downside.

No one needs a positive attitude, though. You only need the truth. And the truth is you are here, alive, and that means no matter what…

There’s always hope.

And you are HERE, in THIS PLACE, MEDIUM, and that’s a GOOD THING (this is not the funny part, BTW…)

Because HERE in THIS PLACE, MEDIUM, no matter what else happens THERE IS HOPE.

Lots of people here write about their troubles…

But everyone here, in MEDIUM, finds friendship, community and support.

That’s truth. Better than anything else.

At least… Well, hope may not make you a millionaire — only being a blonde can do that! — but it will get you through good times and bad. You need something else? Stick around…it’ll probably happen, too, sooner or later.

Buh-bye. Go read something. And don’t forget to clap. Even off platform. You may get arrested if you’re in a library, but you’ll stay in shape.

Exercise is good for you, even in jail. Actually, especially in jail. Just don’t bend over…if you’re a guy. I don’t know what happens if you’re not a guy. I never watched that Netflix show. Too busy reading.

I’ll stop now.

Happy Space Cats is a humor publication here on Medium looking for new writers and followers!

Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of many things straightforward and strange. Some of them appear here. “Women zai shuo ba” as the Mandarin say. Born 2016.

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