Yes, I think so. I haven't listened to the Klein piece and probably won't, but nothing in CA these days will ever improve to the point that makes sense for the common working person. When I moved there (San Francisco) in the early 70s I was able to rent a small apt in The Marina for about $75. Utilities were hardly mentionable. Groceries? Pfft. You barely needed to work to get by. After Reagan and his property owners pushed Prop 13 through in the early 80s everything changed and nothing will change back.

This had already become something of a right-wing template and part of Reagan’s political strategy while Governor before becoming President. Soon it would be used in legislatures and by activists across the country, be taken up by Tea Partiers and people like Grover Norquist, lay the foundation for FOX News. Already the “post war” economic inflation was driving prices including rents higher. But now Prop 13 gave landlords the right to raise rents without justification and to “convert” properties from rentals to condominiums without negotiation. By then I was living in a decent $500 monthly one bedroom on Nob Hill, across the street from Grace Cathedral. One day, $500 a month, the next day it became a condo—THE NEXT DAY!!!—with an $800 monthly “maintenance fee” and a $1.3 million buy-in. Guess who had to move? This was happening all over the state. And that was just the beginning.

Today you’re seeing the result of that, not only in California’s big cities but in major urban and suburban areas everywhere.

San Francisco's mayor is trying to get landlords to open up EMPTY buildings for the homeless and the landlords are refusing. You think things are going to change? Not likely.

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