Yes, I agree with Dr. Singh. Keep the title, drop the restrictions. Look around. There's far too much "comedy" competition already and not enough "comedy." (Look who's talking...) ("Hey, watch yer mouth...") Look at the stats at the other comedy pubs. For the most part, not too much better than here. More writers, perhaps. More readers? Not really. Slackjaw, yes. Haven, building. MuddyUm, building. But do you know how many years they've been building? How difficult it has been? And the new comedy writers for the most part are writing the same old shtick!! Thank goodness for new members who've never seen it before!

BTW: I've tried THREE TIMES now to give that pin away. Not one damn response. Why don't you give it a try, here or ANYWHERE!!! Steal the photo!!! Write your own spiel. The point is to try and get some action for people to BUY THE THING from those folks (DISSENT PINS) who are raising money to oust those jerks and keep others like them out of office. IF you can get a taker, send me their address and I'll mail it to them.

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