Whenever given the chance I’ve thought-out my work speaking in my head. Like you I’ve had a hearing impediment (although I gather somewhat minor compared with yours) which led me in that direction. As a boy I toyed with audio devices all the time because of it and was one of the first I knew to use small, hand-held recorders. Because of my work I became a good typist and transcribing became second nature.

The past few years as my disability has limited my typing skills dramatically, I’ve turned to the voice recorder, carrying it everywhere. Software now allows me to simply plug it back into the computer and transfer my voice digitally into text so that I only have to edit, using the one-finger method—shaky though that finger may be, while, yes, reading that text aloud. Over and over. Nothing can replace hearing it read aloud whenever that luxury is available...even though, in my case, the sound is distant, full of...

By the way... Nice new photo.

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