WARNING: Always go back and double-check your work, even after publication.

I’m not doing this to criticize you, but others, and only to discuss, as it has become my absolute bete noir since returning to MEDIUM. Especially as editors have challenged my credibility as a writer while simply not doing their own primary jobs. And particularly considering the subject matter of this piece.

Ever writer submits drafts with these miniscule faux pas. I do!! I’ve corrected a superior writer recently who wrote “but but” in a draft (believe me, that’s not her style and wasn’t her intent) and who simply created a typo or two in a 1500-word piece. Did the heavens crack open? No, but I read it and did my job as an editor.

Unfortunately, such is not always the case. Some editors believe their job is to pass judgment and prove themselves superior. It isn’t. Their primary job is to help writers communicate with their readers. Period. And when then don’t do it well they should be kicked in their ass.

Point taken here. They operate, some of them, with the idea that readers don’t care. Some don’t. But many do. And those that do will stop reading. That means you lose readers, the pub loses readers, and everybody involved loses.

Editors should simply perform their primary function (as they did not do here) and shut up about everything else.

So. Again....WARNING: Always go back and double-check your work, even after publication. You can still edit and correct your own work, even after it is published. You never know who is reading...

PS: If you're interested, keep reading through this piece...

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