Very well-constructed and thought-out argument.

I feel that I am about to waste a great deal of breath and your time as I have thought the same way for many decades but drawn SOME different conclusions having considered myriad sources.

Did you read the piece yesterday, here, from the real estate salesperson using this space to sell homes in a better climate?

The problem you present is that to achieve this (highlight) in a timely fashion—and time is critical—you would need a violent revolution that effectively negates all the principles you wish to achieve. That is not going to occur.

I agree with Schumacher. I've been calling for land reforms like this to be made a part of the GND. As I was years before the GND.

However, once again I feel I am reading in your piece, as I have several times here, lately, an argument for either individual action, or group action, or political action. I am not against any of those.

I am a proponent of every possible action that can be taken at this time. We have no choice left. As long as it is reasonable with the prospect of saving what can be saved within the next decade and resulting in a better future for the planet beyond 2030, a sustainable future for us and everything else, that should be the goal.

But we all have to work together, now, towards that goal. And that means being active and actively ignoring many voices.

And that means trouble.

Don't be disillusioned. But also do not be naive about what will transpire.

Our military has been planning for this moment for more than two decades. That's part of the public record. More than likely, certain paramilitary groups have as well, more recently. People are going to fight like hell over what will happen, especially to "their land." And especially when "climate migrants" start appearing in the numbers expected over the next few years.

"Embracing limits" was a noble goal years ago and we should have been doing something about it then. We need, now, to be planning the adjustment. Instead we're selling comfy houses to the upper class.

It's a good thing that some of us still have greenspace to look out upon. I don't know where where you are, but the climatologists tell me that where I live will be a great place in the US for a while until after I'm dead. Yippee. Which probably means I'll get to see quite a bit of bloodshed if I know these people. Migrants from all over the US and elsewhere will come here seeking shelter and they'll all come loaded down with guns and it will be a constant shootout 24/7. Even before the military comes in to try and stop it.

But you made the point perfectly... "as long as we...put a price on will remain the highest value... Nature...won't have a chance."

I wish you and your children well. As long as publications like this one, the last one remaining here (now that I have closed up shop on mine) that deals exclusively with such matters caters to "climate real estate sellers" we don't stand a chance.

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