This is something doormen have been doing since there have been doormen. I remember this being a thing even before there were discos in the 70s.

The whole idea of being judged by others while we are judging within this social media cycle of incessant judging in a world that incessantly judges while telling us that judging is wrong while it is entirely dependent upon judging and claiming not to judge while making up ever-better systems of judging is, after all, somewhat GOOFY...isn't it?

But it isn't going away any time soon. This is one of those "take a deep breath and deal with it" things. Or, as you said, "pinch of salt." Although, salt, taken too often, isn't very good for the heart. Deep breathing is good, especially if you are walking. And walking away from bad food!

I keep enjoying your writing. Someday I hope to enjoy your films, too.

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