There is an overall sense of cynicism (note the comment from Mr. Ken Johnson) and isolation, even among true believers, that keeps people who are willing to contribute misaligned, fearful of necessary action and unwilling to gather forces together with others for group activities and the types of political change that may be required to stop the corporate powers and the political forces that keep them going.

Individual contributions may be negligible, but they are still necessary. However, nothing of consequence is going to create the required sustainable change in time unless large numbers of people gather together in public to force political and corporate powers to create those changes. Politicians and corporations have to be made aware that the consciousness of the people has been significantly altered, and to do that they have to literally take to the streets in force.

They also have to invest, no matter in how small the numbers, in those corporations that matter most. THEN VOTE to change the course of corporate policy. They have to supply candidates at every level to CHANGE POLICY.

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