The Long View: Throughout history, regardless of the cause, only a tiny percentage of people create the movements that change things while the rest of us either follow or sit by and watch. If this were not the case the amount of disharmony in “movements” would be so much greater than they have been—“leaders” fighting with each other rather than fighting for change—that there would never have been anything we could call progress. If there ever has been.

The best activists ever accomplish, most of the time, is to fail in what they attempt but manage, successfully, to pass the baton on to a new generation of believers willing to fight on.

There’s an old (1971) song by Ten Years After, “I’d Love to Change the World”

Naturally, good rock and roll, definitely before your time. “I’d love to change the world/but I don’t know what to do/So I’ll leave it up to you...”

And what has changed in 50 years? Not a thing, really. All the activism, protests, marching, fighting in the streets, “revolutions”... What has it all accomplished?

Purdue went bankrupt the other day and “settled” all their lawsuits for tens of billions. Yay. The Sacklers? Rich as they ever were and happy as they ever will be. Never going to jail, never going to suffer one tiny bit. Justice. For them. Case closed.

Fentanyl? Stop China from being China and you will maybe stop fentanyl. This list of what can be and what can never be goes on.

Doing “the right thing” that is clear in your own eyes, right now, has always been the best approach once that first obscuring wave of grief has passed, and you begin to see light again. No matter what it may be, no matter how “insignificant” it may seem. It sets you back on the path. And you never know where the path is going to lead. Two steps forward...

You know me. I never talk about generalities if I can help it. Platitudes I avoid like a, whatchamalit... Oh, yeah, a plague. They aren’t really serviceable, are they? Do what you do, and the universe will see it for what it is. It's only you, ever, really judging.

Hey. If I complain about it, THEN you know you’ve been a BAD GIRL.

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