That’s what I remembered, you LOSING that job, which confused me the whole way through. But then, I’m confused most of the time anyway, so it didn’t bother me much.

And confusing is why I came here early anyway. By early I mean before the other two thousand readers and responders. I wanted to get your non-librarian advice about something. I’ve been running into an “editor” problem (actually, now, two, as of a few moments ago).

Does this look correct to you?

have that talk,…you

Because it doesn’t to me, and it comes from a AAA writer. So I’m assuming it is a typo.

Much more to the point...

I’ve been seeing THIS way too often:

(and as if that were the case), so if you ever...

I was taught that a parenthetical CREATES a pause and, therefore, does not require a comma afterwards even at the end of a clause where one might be expected. But I am seeing this over and over, not only in Medium but in The New York Times, Harper’s, etc. Am I wrong?

Thanks for your time and wisdom, oh gracious one, before the onslaught.

And, BTW, that Barbie STILL looks like you.

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