Thanks for reminding me of my big clumsy feet first.

Yes, you are a clean, upright living American, are you not? I attribute this to all writers' groups. And Google. I've always assumed as much with your asterisks. No, SPAGs is a Welch derived slang for "spoon-shagging." I'll leave the remainder to your imagination which, from the evidence, is rather capable.

I assume your group references the spelling, punctuation, etc., and not the submarine, parachute, etc. By the way, in reference to which, in New York City, growing up, we had a hip radio station which promoted "submarine races" on the weekends and, more or less like SPAGs, everyone knew what THAT was about. I don't think you could Google it. But, who knows.

And good afternoon to you, with my tea, Ms Elizabeth. I look forward to many more enlightening conversations.

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