Thanks for reading, Toni and thanks for responding. Not begging, here, but if you read the piece I linked, you'll see I thought about it to the point of migraine and anxiety. I finally let the SPLC do the thinking part for me. I'm just emoting, now. I cannot think this one through at all. Flip a coin and they will do one thing, say one thing at one moment, another thing the next. Whatever gets them off I guess. Like any other bar fight. Bottom line: They are friggin' nuts and looking for trouble. White supremacists with a Latinx leader? Who they then turn on because he's an FBI informant? Protests in Portland mostly led by Black dudes armed with paint guns? Loving Trump who they then turn on because he didn't win? Give me a whole lotta break.

These are clearly not Marvin Gaye fans.

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