Thank you, Sally. Things have greatly (?) improved. The doctors are pumping me full of all sorts of cocktails to lessen the symptoms so that the worst of the problems have subsided. The greatest difficulty now is getting used to dictating and transcribing after all these years of typing. And, more than likely, giving up my mediocre—but on occasion, award-winning—photography (and keeping up in that regard with my even more award-winning cousin, the rat). That is something I will miss. However, I’ve been able, lately, to actually grab a shot or two, as long as I don’t have to hold the camera too long. does get a bit fuzzy-wuzzy.

The frequent tests are a pain. Having to give up driving where there is no public transportation is a pain. The additional stares (I’ve always drawn stares down here because of my ponytail, my casual dress, etc.). I’m no longer the public figure I used to be here (that helps some). I don’t have to answer so many questions (that’s a relief). What a BORE that would be.

The American South is much like your North, very rural and conservative. You either fit in or you don’t. I don’t.

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