Thank you, Giedre. So many kind thoughts have come my way, but, truly, I’m doing quite well. Modern medicine is very nice. I can almost walk on my head now. At least I can imagine that, what with all the drugs...

But the thrust of these pieces was not to be about me. Only that life is precious and should be lived with a purpose outside of one’s self. Taking care of others and whenever possible the problems of the world. I don’t know if they can be solved but attempting to do so is far more fulfilling than worrying about money (or luxuriating in it) or staring in the mirror constantly and telling people how wonderful or how sad one is.

There’s always a time for levity—no one knows this better than I!—but it is wasted if one returns to money and narcissism after. Do good in the world and help. Try. Fight the good fight. We may not win but let us go down fighting and with a smile.

Aš apkabinsiu tave amžinai

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