Thank you for reading and responding, Denise (again? I’m losing track...). Grammarly does and doesn’t do far too many things that one cannot reliably count on. And, yes, named here because it is used on this publication’s site, primarily, and was the named culprit in this issue with Ms. Cooper; it is the named AI for reference throughout the platform; and I use it as the reference AI for all others “like” it, metaphorically.

Not only Grammarly, but Medium’s own AI cannot spellcheck certain common words. For example, Grammarly, Medium’s own go-to grammar and spellcheck AI. If this is not revelatory of the fundamental flaws in such software, I don’t know what is.

And please do not ever mention the A’s or their despicable homefield in my presence again. You are speaking to a life-long Giants fan. Thank you, kindly.

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