Thank you. Other than Lee Acevedo’s work, I find this to be one of the funniest pieces I’ve ever read on MuddyUm. Funnier than, I don’t know, QAnon. I turn to it daily for amusement. (Oh, what? This is...what? It’s not satire? Oh, my!)

Do you realize what’s happening here?

A) Punctuation is a timing mechanism;

B) Comedy is (even on the page) about...can you guess? Alright, I’ll tell you since you apparently don’t know...TIMING!!! At least in part—and a great part.

In the end, at best, you have leveled the field, homogenized it. You have tossed out a tremendous amount of individuality.

Is that what you are after? That is what you are achieving. Homogenized milk.

Plus, you have your editors so tied up in knots over authoritarian crap like THIS that they don’t even have the energy to PROOFREAD.

What next? Grammerly????