Thank you, DL. I am not being facetious when I say I need all the insight I can get from any corner. It is difficult to admit at times how innocent a traveler I’ve been at my age and how little I know of the world except through learning.

I’m still US-bound for the time being. I don’t even have a passport. Nor do I have the means, in total, to make a sustained move. I think I know where I want to go, but that’s because I have a particular place in mind.

If not for that particular place, centered around a particular “object” it would be about the idea of change. America has always been about not-change. People here love to complain. Change anything, improve it, and you remove the possibility of complaint. Indeed, that was the problem during the Obama years. He improved things so much that people were ready to start a civil war. This is not comedy, although the comedians thought it was.

I would want to go someplace where people invite change, even if the change turns out wrong. Then they’d be willing to change again. Everyone complains, I know that. No one complains more than I. But I’d like to see necessary change, as well. And I’d like to be someplace where that’s possible. Or where, god forbid, it’s already happened, and more may happen.

It won’t happen here.

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