Superstition Is Foolish

They say the third time is the charm


Or that the third time is unlucky.

The truth is the tenth of anything is always the best! Tragic or talented or the last of the minion through the synagogue door.

SO NOW…Only one lucky person, the TENTH tragic or talented or the last of the minion through that synagogue door — to send an email to the SECRET — but fully authorized MEDIUM address announced below — can have this official pin — and therefore become a member of The Secret Jewish Space Laser Corps — ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE OF CHARGE, NOT EVEN HAVING TO PAY SHIPPING IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT!!!


Is this some RUSSIAN SCAM???

Are you kidding. WE ARE OUT TO GET THEM.

And who is “WE”?

Well, it ain’t rightly me, exactly, but I am fronting for “them.” I don’t have a dog or cat or bird in this. But I do fully support the work of the people who are SELLING these wonderful items, DISSENT PINS, which is why when I bought some I bought ONE EXTRA for this exact purpose.


To support DISSENT PINS who donate 50% of their profits to defeating assholes like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lorene Bobbitt and QAnon candidates and other conservative Republicans.

BUT THIS ONE’S ON ME!!! If you’re lucky! So, C’MON, Sucker, try your luck!

Send your very possibly lucky email to this officially identified and safeguarded Medium email address:

We’ll be in touch. Once we land on our next break. And, should you be so unfortunate as to not win (think of the odds!) we’ll let you know how to buy in and obtain a pin from your “Jew Safe”… Or…

You can go to Dissent Pins…RIGHT NOW:

Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of many things straightforward and strange. Some of them appear here. “Women zai shuo ba” as the Mandarin say. Born 2016.

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