Sorry, Ryan, but I believe you’re being a tad naïve. These “top writers” don’t have the desire or time to respond. Take Tom Kuegler, for one. He has said, expressly in one column, that he has no desire to read what anyone on Medium writes. Nice guy. That was extreme. But it did get him a great deal of applause from Medium readers!!! What a lot of numbies they are. These folks are mostly “marketers” selling their own stuff, and don’t care whether you have anything to say. They just want you to read so they can make money from you.

Also, more on the less cynical side, there are a few good-guy top writers out there who generate a lot of commentary and may or may not engage. But their point is to generate that commentary and get those commenters each other. Writers like Jessica Wildfire and Umar Haque.

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