Sometimes (sometimes?) the playful part is social media itself. Even when two people actually know each other very well one cannot correctly decipher what is being “said” without the advantage of eyes on body language.

I believe in this instance a bit of “communications breakdown” (have I just aged myself in your eyes or what?) have occurred. I wasn’t spanking you, darling, but myself. I’ve been overwhelmed lately, only about two weeks behind my normal one week behind schedule and now find a certain other party publicly slapping me (and everyone else involved) very much in the kisser for not doing enough “participatory reading” already.

I actually wrote on this subject (perhaps someday you’ll get around to it...) so I feel like kicking nearly everyone in their credentials.

Que cera, cera.

Perhaps you'd like a risotto recipe? I bake it, takes no elbow energy at all... Outta this world...