Shame on you!

The only player I ever yelled at—and he was a Philly for a while—was Pete Rose. And we only yelled at him to make fun of him because of a TV commercial he made for some aftershave or deodorant where some good-looking woman (he was SO ugly) said it made him smell good. So we used to yell things at him about him smelling bad. And, of course, we yelled at him because he was the best hitter of all time.

One of my favorite players used to play with Rose, Joe Morgan, and he was a Philly for one year, too. One of the best second basemen who ever lived. You can ask your mom. She’ll tell you. He played for them in 1983 when they went to the World Series.

Yeah, tickets were and still are more affordable because it’s THE PEOPLE’S GAME!

You look like you could still do splits, btw.

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