Quoting Friedman in this context is...I don’t know...interesting. (Unless you are being charmingly disingenuous, of course...) A brilliant man. But the crisis we face is in part his doing. And his intellectual energy comes from a unique source, Ayn Rand, who, in a sense, along with Friedman, is responsible for maintaining and building the neoconservative thinking holding us back from dealing with the crisis we face. And has been for years.

Again, when that ultimate crisis occurs, there may not be a rational, “political” resolution of the sort he suggests.

I wish there were more we could do, today, to move in that direction. But it was people like Rand, and like Friedman and Alan Greenspan who made that less possible. Who gave us the Rand Pauls and the Ted Cruzs and the Donald Trumps and the Mitch McConnells who drive wedges and put the brakes on everything that might have potential.

And now, simply to maintain their temporary political power, they are ready to toss our future, the planet’s future, into the dust. And they can do that, effortlessly.

Just like Bolsonaro can have Lula, now exonerated, finally, assassinated before he has a chance to run against him in 2022, so his friends can keep burning down the Amazon and Petrobras can keep digging for pre-salt oil.

Probably with the US looking the other way, if not our help.

We’ve waited too long. Because of people like Friedman. Who waited for a crisis. Instead of listening to the experts. Experts...like Friedman. Only less brainwashed.

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