Pardon the length, which occurs when I suffer anxieties. You manage these 3-4 minute pieces so effortlessly and with such consistency. It is a talent I very much admire and envy. I enjoy reading you in part because our writing/working lives parallel. Thanks.

Medium is currently conducting a survey to measure what it may be able to alter to better serve users. As it should. Not because it is at fault, because that is what it must do. The platform had certain expectations and goals, they aren’t being met, apparently. One of the reasons is that any number of individuals and groups have entered the platform to inject their own goals COUNTER to the platform’s goals, and therefore counter to everyone else’s experience and purposes here.

For users to complain about such things is actually not such a bad idea. It serves the purpose of spurring Medium on towards its goals and is supportive of everyone else on the platform. It may not be seen as such, of course, and that’s understandable.

Of course, often complaints arise which have nothing to do with any of this. Then...OOPS! But there are always complainers for purposes of angst or humor. Spare a dime?

One thing Medium always focused on was “community” ON THE PLATFORM and that has truly never occurred. Another was the idea of building referrals. This is more often hinted at in their new survey.

I’ve spent a lot of time encouraging community and referring people to other writers in my work over the years. The response has been enthusiastically negative. So many writers appear to think you are doing this with an ulterior motive. The cynicism works more magic than anything else.

This is something Medium cannot compensate for. And has only become worse over time. So many people here NEED that community and those referrals in order to move from where you were to where you are--if they can.

Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of many things straightforward and strange. Some of them appear here. “Women zai shuo ba” as the Mandarin say. Born 2016.

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