Or...you could have two, one for the goodies and one for the baddies. I think I read a short story like that once...

Or, look at it this way. The funeral/eulogy is more for Curtis than you. But those feelings are really more yours than his, no? Or is that the case? Is the eulogy for you, now? IS this moment more yours than his? That’s more the decision the way I see it. Either way, even if you did blast it out, you are still going to have to carry THAT grief and anger with you after. It isn’t going away after you scream at people. It never does. Take it from an inveterate screamer. Especially one who wanted to do a lot of screaming at another funeral.

Either way, take a nice long bath after. It'll feel good. That is, if you are a bath person. Otherwise, take a shower.

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