Or they think you're crazy. And the very first sign of a gray hair they will call an ambulance for you. This is the god's-honest truth.

Understand, the whole world used to be nice. Even in Germany, you used to be able to go to a store and stand on line and talk to people (maybe in Germany you still can; I've heard from people sometimes that still happens). Even during the Nazi period a Jew could talk to a non-Jew standing on line at the store, have a conversation like nothing else was happening. Be polite. It was only the Nazi police who would kick you into the street. Not normal people. Everything has changed now because of (TA DUM) the internet.

People aren't used to kindness because who is kind anymore? They go on Facebook and they see people killing each other and hate hate hate hate. They even photoshop cats to make them look like they hate you.

Animals don't hate! Only people do, but they like to project their hate onto others.

You keep on being kind, though. I'm going to as well. I don't care if they bring me a straitjacket. I'll punch them in the mouth if they do.

I know, I know...

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