Of course we need beauty and love. And look at the people you quote, Frank, and Hugo and Vonnegut. Did they not bring us their share? And how? Through what means? Perhaps we choose to remember Anne Frank in one way. Perhaps we choose to recollect Hugo for some love story.

We receive much beauty from that which is not altogether deemed beautiful by everyone. A Schoenberg concerto. A Dali painting. A Gertrude Stein story. And they, too, a flower growing among the cracks, perhaps at some point. Once Van Gogh was nothing more. Once Alice Neel was nothing more and not too long ago.

What makes the difference in virtually all instances? I don’t know. If I knew or knew anyone who did I could say. Of course “beauty in the eye of the beholder” IS one important quality. But which beholder and when? And why does it matter? And does it matter at all?

Of course it does. Because if it didn’t, you might never get to see a Van Gogh, or a Dali. You might never get to read Hugo or Vonnegut.

But you do get to see that flower if you perchance take a walk.

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