Now that everyone else has had their say and only you will read this (plus, being Easter, no one will see it anyway) this is called “community,” and this is what the platform is supposed to be about, not the incessant marketing that goes on.

Oh, people are going to complain that they don’t have the time to do this, but the fact is that if they’ve made the choice to write and publish and expect to get something (money, attention, response) from it, then they’ve made a commitment to a life of writing. And that requires certain other things, like reading.

And they will complain that so much of it is trash (it’s true—de gustibus non disputandum est) but you read through to find what isn’t and then stick to reading the people who you admire, consistently, even if they ignore you in return. For the wealth of inspiration they provide and just for the joy they bring into your life each day.

And if not joy then the necessary tsuris. The shame and guilt that gets our engines revving.

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