My two cents:

Now that you have over a thousand followers (lucky you...) you need to build a “portfolio” on your profile page to make it easier for them to read your articles:

AND you might want to consider a little editing on “My Interview...” not that there is anything wrong with but so that you can republish it in “About Me” a great publication that will draw a bunch more followers into your orbit, I’ll bet:

AND (I’m done after this) since you are a reader and have a passion, there is a publication dedicated to people like you (us; but I don’t write here any longer for reasons I won’t go into) called My Selection with a wonderful editor, Susan Foster; you can publish an excerpt from one of the books you like and push any idea about veganism or anything else that may be on your mind (as long as it’s from that book):

I don't get anything for this advice, of course...I'm just a humble reader these days...

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