You are quite marvelous at this, you know.

My fav was the original but I have to admit I began tearing up when you reminded me of the opening scenes of this third part. But, of course, it isn't about "toys" but what they represent, and what we give up and if we choose to hold on to some of it as we get older, and if and how we pass some of it on to others. I literally cannot remember any "toys" from childhood (there were some, naturally) but these representations have the same emotional pull on me for that reason. Which is why I agree there may always be some measure of guilt associated with the films. And I also think there may be something to that idea of the running theme--although whether it has anything to do with Disney is disputable--because it is such a common element for so many as a rite of passage in growing up, being lured by an apparent benevolent being only to find them turning on you in the end.

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