Ms. Barrett:

Thank you for writing this piece, a subject always on my mind where I am forced to live.

Grief possesses me as I write—indeed, as I have had to write one or two times previous to a Medium editor on this subject; also as I must play the kabuki role (and use that detestable word for the sake of brevity) of a “Karen.”

You do not know me. Allow me an introduction. I have been a published writer for over fifty years. I have nearly 500 pieces published on this platform alone. I have had the choice experience of editing some of the finest writers in the English language over the years...and the unique privilege of being taught by several of the same as I have earned the BA, MA and PhD in English (in addition to a few others).

These new robotic editing devices, such as Grammarly, are nothing but a fraud perpetrated upon the willing. Nothing more. People bow down before them because they choose not to question them. Think about this. Think about how common a practice this is and how this lack of thought has set us upon our current path as a species.

Then, please, do not ever again ask me to use Grammarly.

Should you have some other--any other--problems with my writing, please do not hesitate to enumerate them.

Thank you again.

Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of the straightforward & strange. “Women zai shuo ba.” Be useful; share what you can; help others always. Doctor of texts.