Most commenters here are missing the important point, the final impactful point, “...fight now to the survival of the planet in the future.” Perhaps because they didn’t read to the end? How unusual.

What happens to us, to our culture, even our species (the mass of us) is secondary, especially now that we understand we are the cause of this destruction several billion years before it was due. We are responsible, as much as we can be, for seeing to saving the planet, and the life on it, and doing so as rapidly as possible. Saving the planet, not ourselves. Whatever human lives we can save as a result will be gratifying.

Most of those lives will be the progeny of our progeny. Care about them if you cannot care about the Earth.

And if you cannot care about either, get out of the way.

Instead, we only gabble about the forecast of doom and how we will manage to survive the nightmare scenarios when the zombie apocalypse arrives to steal our goodies. Talk about a waste of time and energy.

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