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But only the second time this year

Actual size…I think. ©Blake Bergeron…but I paid him so I don’t need his permission.

Once again, the news has caught up to my fiction and I swear — I SWEAR — I have no inside information from the government — ANY GOVERNMENT.

This happened before when the whole COVID thing started and I anticipated it in the first book in the series. In 2017.

As “reported” in my third book of the series, THEN THE LIST IS DONE, certain agencies here and abroad were aware of what was taking place in Wuhan before the December 2019 “breakout” of COVID-19 that was officially announced.

Only in the last few days has this information been released to the public through the media.

Sorry. But, once again, if you really want to know what’s going on in the world, you should have been reading my books!!! Told you so!

Usually, I don’t use my account here to promote my “offline” work, the work I do “for a living” shall we say. Primarily because I don’t do it “for a living.” I don’t do ANYTHING for a living.

But a while back I did write, offhand, this little ditty since I wasn’t busy doing anything else that day…

Now, this seemed appropriate because it was “newsworthy.” That’s all.

Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of many things straightforward and strange. Some of them appear here. “Women zai shuo ba” as the Mandarin say. Born 2016.

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