The last semester I taught full time here in Tennessee I had a student who loved the music of the day, and I was in possession of some extra CDs. She was a fav student of mine so when she was doing really well, I offered her an old Pearl Jam CD, Vs, that she’d never heard for some reason, and I’d told her she needed to listen to “Animal” (I liked the funky sound because I’ve also been a funk person myself...). And I offered her a CD of South Carolina “grunge” which we actually called “beach music” for some reason back there (where I went to grad school) even though there was definitely NOTHING beachy about it, from a band called The Killer Whales (I seriously doubt you’ll find them on Spotify...the only SC beach band that “made it” was Hootie and the Blowfish...) and it blew her away and turned her into something special like what you’re talking about and almost got me fired. But she ended up loaning me Toad the Wet Sprocket’s Dulcinea so it was worth it.

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