It’s so very nice to meet you, Vanessa.

Here’s the story before the story:

I am no longer in charge of this publication. It is in the hands of Dennett.

However, she is recovering from a long-term illness and doesn’t know when she will be bringing it back on line. Probably, last I heard, sometime around the first of June. Perhaps sooner. She runs several pubs (Weeds and Wildflowers especially).

You could submit to someone else in the meanwhile if you are desperate, but Dennett has an enormous following and publishing with her would give you a great platform. So I would leave it right here if I were you.

That’s why, when I gave up on this, I was so glad she decided to step in for me. She will be able to give In My Life a real second chance.

Of course, being a writer already at W&W, you could write to her and let her know this piece is here, as well. Perhaps as soon as she is up to it, she can take a look at it.

This is a fine piece of writing. I think there’s only one thing I’d have a problem with, as an editor, and that’s the ending. Bringing the cat in as a surprise might be too much of a surprise, especially not knowing anything about David. Is there any way you could add a little something there to fill in that gap? Having a bit of time to think about it, I’m certain you’ll come up with something.

I read around on your page. I grew up in NYC, went to Music and Art (before it became LaGuardia) as a rare double major. I hope you’re still uptown and that it is still a good place to be.

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