It seems as though you're begging for no responses. However--and despite the fact that train (no pun) has already left the station, I think, although I don't disagree with you, you started on one track and derailed.

Yes, the noise factor has exacerbated it all. But it was always the habit of lying that perpetuated this process of incessant unnecessary communication. And gave birth to the very idea of marketing which, in its own way, fathered (emphasis probably substantiated upon the male) the entire media industry.

And we get this from our parents who insist upon teaching us to lie...for our own sake they believe, in order to "socialize" us properly. Sometimes too much. Often to the point of neurosis.

Oh, look at me, how the time flies. Heather Prynne isn't a bad name, you know, if you are looking for a change. And I would suggest a LOT of changes if you are having silent sex...

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