It is “old dude” to my friends, thank you so much. And it was the “anyway” that threw me off, sorry, something you have probably picked up from your cats as I have, over the years, as they walk away from me, swiping a hind leg in my direction with no amusement at all.

My “adoptive father” was a recruit in the Irgun who “switched sides” to the Haganah (and still ended up with a bullet in his spine) when he saw the difference. It has sifted down to me, this difference. There’s just so far you get with anger and violence. After that it serves no purpose other than to devolve into further anger and violence. Which does serve a purpose...for politicians. Or the rich.

Hamas and Likud are controlling this. Hamas and Likud can stop it. People—like you and I—can contribute to it or not.

We don’t disagree as much as you think, I believe, at least not philosophically. But I’ve been watching this play out over 70 years and it’s basically still the same game, only now being fed by social media, which is making it worse.

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