It is bad here, especially in some places, and it has probably become worse here in some places since then. The assumptions about gun ownership here are so ubiquitous. It's why I have so few friends and almost no male friends, because they ask you where you work, where you go to church, and where you hunt, just like that. And if you say, like I do, I'm a writer, I don't go to church, and I don't own a gun, they smile and go talk to someone else about you. Almost thirty years of that, here, and I am not a very social character as a result.

But, yes, I've seen the same elsewhere. Even in California. I don't believe circumstances are going to improve as anxieties about the future increase.

Speaking of CA, I've noticed that problem and others lately with Medium. I follow people and suddenly I'm not following them. I follow, but their stories don't show up. Things like that. And they tell me the same is happening. So I'm not surprised. They must be having major tech issues.

Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of many things straightforward and strange. Some of them appear here. “Women zai shuo ba” as the Mandarin say. Born 2016.

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