In the real world you are hired as an intern, so I assume it would be the same here (and I believe some actually do call it that) and you could even have a contract (with or without legalities) as to term limits.

Who decides? That’s a good question. As I said, I think some pubs are already calling some “editors” interns, so they’ve already passed that goalpost.

Medium appears not to want to get too involved in the “rules” a pub follows, which I think, personally, is not such a good idea. For example, there’s a publisher here who has “rules” in his publications where he pronounces other publications and anyone who publishes with them “corrupt” and I would think Medium might want to speak to things like that. But that’s just me. You know me, I’m an opinionated SOB.

As far as pay is concerned, that’s up in the air!! And you’re the expert in that field, Kevin, not me!

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