I'm not sure if it was fixed, if the problem was on your page in the first instance and not on The Daily Cuppa's page, or if the problem was Medium's... But at the moment the piece is appearing on Cuppa in proper form and I cannot get your page up. However, in the "original" that I saw, on your page (which is where I usually read your stuff, the subhead (not the caption) was "filled" with links to random Unsplash photographer pages (not photographs; maybe 2-3, I don't remember) and the line itself was broken up. How that happened? I don't know.

BUT... All sorts of weird crap is happening these days on this platform so you pays yer dues and you takes yer chances, right, Yonkers?

If you ever want to learn how to link--a very valuable enterprise, BTW--let me know. Very easy peasey.

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