I’m not really clear where your head’s at and being me—and since you haven’t taken the time nicely or otherwise to slap me around (you did talk once about some fantasies in that direction...)—allow me to continue with some additional advice.

If your focus, momentarily or simultaneously, is on writing to earn money instead of or in addition to life coaching (or even as a means to that end) I would suggest you switch to the old suggestion of remembering that writing is “work” and “inspiration” has so very little to do with it at any level. Even in this case.

All work has a certain “discipline” (aha, that old BDSM flavor coming into play again...and I do love how you modified it with your “role playing” characters; “Bravissimo!!!”) attached to it, and when dealing with people online, being responsive to your “content commentors” is part of your responsibility.

The attitudes you express here, otherwise, show a tremendous positivity and maturity in that direction; an openness towards that sort of daily discipline; an acceptance of the demand upon you to face the call and demand, every day, of that public face, even if sometimes you have to face up to its negativity.

I would assume you have the same discipline in your work as a life coach. Surely—I know, I know, but even the San Francisco fog is called that—you must have to contemplate dealing with negative feelings and circumstances in the lives of your clients on a regular basis? Is it not merely one tiny step to the left (or right) when you transition (hopeful thoughts!) to a different venue?

Yes, confronting direct criticism of your work is different, don’t I know. But at least you are now in a community (and a large one) where you can also share your feelings. Even when you feel those criticisms, rightly or wrongly, are directly at you, personally.

Just yesterday, I think, Bev Potter published a piece about being bullied by someone here. And being so surprised about it happening. It does happen. Even to the very best of writers (like Bev; perhaps in response to her rather sarcastic piece about divorce the previous day... I don’t know; she didn’t say). But, again, she had an immediate venue to vent, and she had support.

From everyone who loves her.

Life is a balance. And balance is magic.

Be well, Phoenix.