I’m certain SOME people are so TOTALLY together that everything they do every moment of every day is a blessing to everyone’s life.

Personally, I vent. Whenever I have to. And I don’t really give a fuck who gets offended. If they don’t understand what’s going on, they can ask and, once I’ve finished venting, I’ll be more than happy to explain or even tell them the story of my life. I’ve even gone so far as to purchase for them the beverage of their choice.

It's always good to apologize once you've calmed down (calming down is alwyas a good choice as well...) especially if you've vented in anyone's exclusive direction and not someplace else.

But, if they don’t care to listen, fuck ‘em. There are, literally, billions of people out there. I’ve counted them. Most of them are more worthy of your time than the ones who won’t listen to you. And some of the ones who don’t listen today...well, some of them come back tomorrow. It’s true!

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