If one’s life must be sung away, let it be in a mountain mist on a bird’s song.

As a former Californian—dedicated Northerner wishing to be back there—I have never felt the attraction of The Southland. It is pure “meta” everywhere you go as soon as you catch sight of the Santa Anas. Your photo of “Chaplin” not “Chaplin” but Downey, saying “SMILE” while not smiling says it all and with sublime perfection.

Yet everything produces something of value. To turn our backs on things because we lack an attachment to it speaks only of our own lack of perception, feeling and even prejudice. So much good has come from this pool of nonsense, so much has been wrought out of the actual cesspool of controlled minds and bodies. Even if it is a moment of happiness for those who otherwise feel none.

Some value in that. No balance perhaps...but who can measure such a thing?

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