I wrote that piece originally in response to a number of people who were throwing their “weight” around, proud of being “autodidacts” and saying nasty things about all the people on the platform who had advanced degrees, calling them “show-offs” and such.

In fact, since then, several of those people have gone on to acquire advanced degrees themselves.

And, in fact, I have written several times that I don’t believe people should expose the fact that they have advanced degrees unless they do so in the body of their articles only if and when it is relevant. Why should you add a PhD to your name every time you publish some bad poetry or a fuzzy photograph?

Because there is a genuine balance here.

But the larger point, of course, is that all of life is basically a marathon and that “the marathon” is nothing more than a metaphor for life and those particular aspects of it that we examine. There are no “sprints”, no “trial runs” in life. This is the real thing and the long game.

And we all do it, all the time. And we all fail at times. And we all lose at times.

And we all win at times.

And we all have to get up and keep going, no matter what, because if we don’t we die.

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