I wish you (and your all, including the chickens—you still have the chickens, yes?) a Happy New Year and the most success in meeting these new goals (did you mention they were “resolutions”? Gee I hope not...). However...

“Danger, Will Robinson!!!”

If you don’t get the reference, it’s because I’m old.

Because you haven’t been hanging out so much lately you probably aren’t aware of the, shall we say, changes going on around here. In an allergy-free nutshell things are A) going icky in terms of mechanics and this is partly because of (most suspect) B) software changes that will be implicating a shift away from “writing” towards a multi-media performance (video, sound, VR, etc.)

As you do utilize more of the goodies like comments and thus notifications, you’ll find the notifications often don’t work. Why? No one knows and no one (at Help) is saying. Many (but not most) things don’t work any longer and the longer you spend on the platform (in terms of hours) you will note this.

Bon chance, mon amie.

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