I went to Music and Art for a while (it's now LaGuardia and I don't know when they made that change) but only til I had to drop out because of work and such, then I went to Seward Park , my neighborhood school on the Lower East Side, where I finally graduated when I went back. Went to Borough of Manhattan CC for a couple of semesters because I didn't have better grades (due to dropping out) even though my physics prof at Seward managed to get me a partial scholarship at Columbia. I didn't have money to pay the difference, though. Plus, I wasn't really interested in a science major...

I finally went back in to college first in San Francisco (CCSF) and then finished in South Carolina at the University of... with a BA, MA and PhD in English, then Philosophy, then History...while I was waiting to find a way back to California, which never happened. Which is how I ended up in Tennessee, teaching until that stopped.

Now I take care of animals, mostly. Cook and write. Tell people how to live their lives, as if I knew something about that, which I don't.

I thought all the rich Jews lived up in the Bronx! That's why I never went there. All the rich Jews I knew at the Post Office lived up in the Bronx. All the rich Italians I knew lived there, too. Even the rich Irish I knew lived there. Only the rich Puerto Ricans still lived in Spanish Harlem.

And Park Slope was "gentrified" before "gentrified" was even a word. My friends on Prospect, schoolteachers, were some of the first "gentrys" to live there.

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