I understand. But, on the other hand, or even on the other other hand, can you really go through life walking on eggshells? Especially if you write on the internet? This is a public space. Anyone and everyone can read what you say. (And hopefully they will.)

Ask anyone who works at comedy professionally and they'll tell you the same thing: Go to an audience of 100 people and you can make 99 of them laugh so hard they'll fall out of their seats. But one of them will end up wanting to strangle you. It makes no difference what the subject is, you will end up offending someone the larger your audience grows. And, ultimately, no matter if your "tone" is humorous or serious.

The difference if someone is depressed may be greater, I understand, suffering from depression myself. But we cannot hold ourselves responsible for how others react to what we do in public, only in private and in person. That's the important distinction to keep in mind.

Plus, look at what you've done here. You have not made a fool of the depressed person or made fun of depression. You are poking fun at the people who misunderstand depression. This is something most depressed people--like you and I--can laugh about, at least when we aren't crying about it!!!

Always remember what Charlie Chaplin said: Smile, though your heart is breaking. He was always good for a laugh...and a good cry.

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