I saw a video my friend posted on Facebook. A cat was playing with a small bowl on a countertop, pushing it ever so slowly, one paw at a time, watching carefully, walking around it, nudging it towards the edge, inch by inch, until, inevitably, it fell over and hit the floor, and she watched it, curiously, as if she had no idea why that had happened. My friend noted that house cats always do this out of habit, pushing things onto the floor like that, and she didn’t know why. It must be because they are bored and have nothing better to do, she said. I told her to look at the cat, especially at the cat after the bowl was on the floor. Look at her face.

I told her, instead that cats are trying, probably, to learn how to balance these things on the edge of the counter and keep failing. But watch out. Once they figure out how to do it...we’re in trouble.

Anyway, house cats don’t HAVE to catch mice. They only do it because they’re bored.

Still, better they be bored inside the house than be anything outside the house.

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