I read this, most parts of it, half in tears and half on the edge of screaming. I sometimes feel the way Suzanne does, but even that doesn’t satisfy me much. I understand that nature will recover in its way, that it has its own business to attend to and we are either part of it or standing in its way. But that isn’t the point. Nature has always had its business and we’ve been screwing with it for 10,000 years while saying “let Nature take its course.” If we had been allowing nature... We wouldn’t be where we are. And we’ve known this for quite some time. We’ve known it and we’ve been able to do everything to stop it, too. Yet we’ve done nothing. The biggest businesses in the world, right there in California, today, are still stopping the best work we can do to help just so they can continue to increase their profits. They care nothing about their own workers, their own families being burned to a crisp, as long as the government doesn’t tax their billions. That’s what it’s about. That’s what it is always about. That’s what it will always be about.

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